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Contractor Panel Discussion
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Event Overview: On May 26, 2022 we hosted a contractor panel discussion network event with two SWMBE firms that have experience starting, growing, and maintaining successful businesses. With a combination of preplanned questions from our facilitators and questions from our audience, we asked our panel guests how they have done it as successful business owners. Topics of discussion included company structure, business development, software, staffing, accounting, past struggles, or anything pertinent to starting and growing a business. This course offers the recorded questions and answers of this event. 

2nd Edition Construction Management Track
Expires After: Does not Expire

This track is geared toward contractors wishing to hone their skills in estimating, bidding, and project management.  This track includes training videos that follow the 6-part in-person construction management seminar series.  Each in-person seminar is broken down into smaller subtopics that allow participants to revisit seminar topics at their own pace.